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We’ve got everything you need for Cosmos. Like, literally everything.

Secure & Non Custodial

All your assets, always yours. Just as Satoshi intended. No fr, we never store your keys, and our code is audited by the best in the biz.

Simple IBC Transfers

Select token -> enter address -> transfer.
Sounds like magic? Well, our devs do that everyday. Transfer assets across chains in the most simple way.

Quick + Cheap Swaps

Powered by the leading DEXs, and aggregated using our supercool Leap SDK.Get the best rates for swaps, each time.

Support for 40+ Chains

The internet of blockchains needs a wallet of blockchains. We’re adding support for one new chain almost everyday.
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dApp Browser
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The power of the Cosmos, in the palm of your hand.


Support for 40+ chains

Use dApps across all supported Cosmos chains.

Seamless Integration

Connect instantly with your Leap Wallet, and perform transactions without breaking your flow.

Safe & Secure

No external hyperlinks, no dodgy websites.

Best in Class UX

Smooth experience across all dApps.

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