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We make web3 simple, secure, and fun!

Non Custodial

All your assets, always yours. Just as Satoshi intended. No fr, we never store your keys, and never will.

Multi-platform Support

Access your assets on your favourite device. Mobile, tablet, laptops, desktops, we've got support for everything.

Secure & Audited

Audited by leading blockchain security experts. Our code is secure, and our devs stay on top of issues.

Frens Everywhere

Leap is connected across various dApps, aggregators, DEXs, marketplaces to give you the best web3 experience.

Our Partners

Aayush Gupta
Lead, NEAR India
Stanford Liu
Head of Research, TFL
Galen Law-Kun
Double Peak Group
Christian Sullivan
Republic Capital
Michael Chen
CMO, Fantom Foundation
Jonathan Caras
Board Member, LFG
SJ Park
Matt Batsinelas
General Partner, Triblock
Jeff Kuan
BD Head, TFL
Prabhakar Reddy
Co-founder, FalconX

From The Leapverse

Blogs. We ask our devs to write them, and they get the interns to do it instead. 🤷
Looking Back: One Year of Leap.
Looking Back: One Year of Leap.
Looking Back: One Year of Leap.
Looking Back: One Year of Leap.
Looking Back: One Year of Leap.
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