Leap Elements

One-click swaps & cross-chain transfers for your interchain app.
Onboard users from Solana, Ethereum, Base & more.

<10 minute integration for

and more…

<10 minute integration for

and more…

<10 minute integration for

and more…

Still not sure? Give Elements a go to see how it can fit into your app's journey.

Elements is supported by powerful integrations from top teams

A frontend SDK to supercharge your dApp’s user experience!

Across all ecosystems

Allow users to swap in & out of Cosmos, Ethereum, Solana, Base & other top chains.

Dollars, natively

With CCTP support, your users can mint & use native USDC right on your app.

Fiat is out, Cosmos is in

Enable users to purchase any Cosmos token, with support for 20+ currencies.

Onboard through IBC swaps

Move assets from different Cosmos chains to your app's chain, in just one click!

Customisable to the core

Enable or disable features, change the theming, & get things just the way you want

Easy integration

It takes less than 10 minutes to integrate Elements on your app.


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