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Leap Wallet Validator

Leap Wallet Validator

Leap Wallet validator has been active since 2023. Currently securing 2 chains, they plan to increase their presence and expand deep into the Cosmos ecosystem.

We're going all in on the interchain, and so is our validator.

While our initial foray into the Cosmos ecosystem was through developing a Cosmos native wallet, we’re now expanding our horizons by establishing validator nodes on a curated selection of Cosmos chains. Our staking infra is based in Japan and Singapore. Having setups in multiple zones helps with our system’s redundancy and fault tolerance. It also allows us to to efficiently serve our users across diverse geographical regions while minimising the risk of service disruptions.

We will be actively involved in the governance processes on the chains we secure, consistently participating and voting to prioritize the chain’s long-term success.

Leap Wallet Validator currently secures Lava, Cosmos Hub, & dYdX Chain.

Stake with us, & go all in on the interchain today!



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