Jul 10, 2024

50 Million Lava Airdrop for 70K wallets, claim your Airdrop now!

Use Leap to easily confirm your Lava Airdrop eligibility & claim your allocation

A new airdrop is about to erupt

The Lava Airdrop has been rumbling in the horizon for a while now. The mainnet date is ever closer, and details of the Vesuvius Airdrop have finally been revealed. With over 50M LAVA set to be distributed to 70k+ wallets, the protocol has certainly fulfilled their promise of being rewarding.

This drop is community-first, distributing LAVA to:

  • Lava core testnet and Magma points users

  • Top community members of high conviction communities in crypto

  • Node runners in crypto

  • Technical contributors and researchers

You can use Leap to check your eligibility, view allocated tokens, & confirm your claim. If you don't have Leap yet, here's a quick guide to walk you through.

Check your Lava Airdrop Eligibility with Leap

Leap's in-wallet airdrop checker makes it easy to view your allocation! Simply head to the Airdrops page, and you'll see the Lava Airdrop if you're eligible.

Tap the airdrop to check allocation details.

To claim the airdrop, there a are a few more steps that you need to complete.

  1. Tap the Claim button to go to Lava's Claim Portal

  2. Connect your wallet & Discord to verify eligibility

  3. Copy your Lava testnet address & submit it

Done! your Airdrop will be distributed when Mainnet is launched

What's next?

The Vesuvius Airdrop is the first ever airdrop from Lava, set to be distributed on mainnet, 18th July. There are a lot of rewards & incentives available for the early users & contributors.

You will also be able to stake & restake your LAVA tokens to earn rewards. Leap is working closely with the Lava team to bring you the best experience.

Stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter for more.