Jul 10, 2023

Leap is live on Osmosis

Leap is live on all Osmosis dApps

The most awaited integration is finally here!

Osmosis zone has integrated Leap Wallet on their dApp now. Now experience the wonderfully vibrant world of DeFi on Osmosis. You can transact quickly & securely using Leap Wallet. Don’t take our word, check it out now

We've done our own little integrations too! open up the dApp browser on Leap's mobile app, and access Osmosis zone from wherever you are.

You will get the secure, smooth, & seamless best-ever Osmosis experience with Leap Wallet. Bookmark the Osmosis dApp on Leap’s dApp browser

(Open this link on your mobile and you will get re-directed on Osmosis zone dApp)

In-wallet Swaps:  With Leap, you also get in-wallet swaps powered by Osmosis Dex. Swap integration supports over 90 tokens, you'll always find the best possible rates for each swap.

Get instant notifications to let you stay on top of all your activity! On Mobile, you get notifications for every single wallet interaction. We also send alerts for new dApps, airdrop listings, and more. Get Leap now, and take your Osmosis zone experience to the next level!