Sep 30, 2023

How to Claim Celestia $TIA using the Leap Cosmos Wallet?

How does Leap Wallet Work?

Leap Wallet is available as a browser extension and mobile app (iOS and Android) that allows you to manage your assets on Celestia securely and efficiently and connect with all the upcoming dApps & projects on Celestia.

To get started, you can download Leap wallet extension OR Leap Wallet for Android App.

Claiming $TIA using Leap Cosmos Wallet

Here’s a video of a step-by-step guide on how to claim $TIA using the Leap Cosmos Wallet browser extension.👇

Visit Celestia Claim Airdrop Page

2. Click on "Check TIA eligibility". Claim will be live for few more days. Make sure you claim before end date.

3. Select Cosmos/Osmosis Wallet from the list and agree to "Terms of service".

Click on Cosmos/Osmosis Wallet

4. Now select "Leap Wallet" from the list.

5. Now, click on "Claim $TIA" to submit your address for genesis drop.

Eligible wallet for Airdrop claim

6. Import your address for submission. If you haven't created a Cosmos Wallet for Celestia, you can set up your wallet using this guide.

7. Now click on "Claim TIA" to submit your address for genesis drop.

Submit address

Congrats, you have claimed your Celestia TIA airdrop successfully. Your tokens will be dropped to your Cosmos/Osmosis wallet upon Celestia mainnet launch.

Genesis address submitted

Introduction to Leap Wallet

Leap is an advanced 'super wallet' for the Cosmos ecosystem, with the goal of providing a top-notch user experience tailored for Cosmos users. Available as mobile apps for iOS and Android and as a browser extension, Leap allows you to explore Celestia and over 50 other Cosmos ecosystem chains. Users can transfer and exchange assets between wallets, earn staking rewards, participate in governance, transfer assets over IBC, manage NFTs, and much more, all from within the wallet app.

Introduction to Celestia

Celestia is a new technology that powers, scales, and secures web3 applications. To achieve this, Celestia introduces a new blockchain architecture to solve the core scaling challenges of today’s blockchains. This new architecture is what we call modular blockchains.

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