Sep 3, 2023

How to Stake $ARCH Token?

How does Leap Wallet Work?

Leap Wallet is currently available as a browser extension and mobile app (iOS and Android) that allows you to manage your assets on Archway securely and efficiently and connect with all the dApps, NFT projects on Archway. To get started, download the Leap Wallet for Archway. The Leap wallet is optimized for the Archway Network and includes built-in features for staking.

In-wallet staking with Leap Wallet mobile app

Here’s a video of a step-by-step guide on how to stake Archway in 20 seconds using Leap Wallet mobile app.👇

Stake ARCH using Leap Wallet Mobile App

1. Open the Leap Wallet app on your mobile and switch to Archway chain from Cosmos Hub.

2. Click on the “Stake” tab located on the bottom navigation bar.

3. Click on the “Stake” button located beside your “Your Deposited Amount”.

4. Now Choose a Validator from the Validators list. To promote decentralization, we show the randomized list of Validators every time you visit the Stake tab. You can sort the validators list by “Amount staked”, “Alphabetical order” or “APY”.

5. Now select the validator you wish to stake with.

6. Enter the amount of $ARCH you want to stake.

7. You can also customize your gas fees using an arrow sign located below the “Review” button.

8. Now click on the “Review” button to confirm the transaction details.

9. Confirm the transaction details and click on the “Stake ARCH” button to confirm the transaction.

ARCH stake successfully using Leap Wallet Mobile App

That’s it. Congrats 🥳, You have staked $ARCH using Leap Wallet mobile app.

In-wallet staking with Leap Wallet browser extension

Here’s a video of a step-by-step guide on how to stake Archway in 20 seconds using Leap Wallet browser extension.👇

Leap Wallet Archway Home Tab

3. If you have any past delegations, you will also find them here.

Archway Stake Tab

4. Click on the "Stake" button beside “Your deposited amount”.

Stake Archway screen extension

5. Choose a validator from the list of available options. Here you can also search for a specific validator or sort them by - Amount staked, Alphabetically, or APY.

Choose a validator for staking ARCH

6. Enter the number of $ARCH you want to stake on the Archway blockchain.

Enter ARCH to stake

7. Click on "Review" to see all the details of the transaction.

Review Stake Transaction

8. After reviewing the transaction, click on "Stake" to complete the process.

Stake ARCH using Leap Wallet Home Tab

That’s it. Congrats 🥳,  You have staked $ARCH using Leap Wallet using browser extension.

Introduction to Leap Wallet

Leap is an advanced 'super wallet' for the Cosmos ecosystem, with the goal of providing a top-notch user experience tailored for Cosmos users. Available as mobile apps for iOS and Android and as a browser extension, Leap allows you to explore Archway and over 50 other Cosmos ecosystem chains. Users can transfer and exchange assets between wallets, earn staking rewards, participate in governance, transfer assets over IBC, manage NFTs, and much more, all from within the wallet app.

Introduction to Archway

Archway is an incentivized smart contract platform that rewards developers for building on the network with baked-in incentives and rewards. The protocol provides developers with the tools to quickly build and launch scalable cross-chain dApps and receive rewards for the value that the dApps contribute to the network.

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