Jul 5, 2024

Set Price Alerts for Cosmos tokens

Cut the noise, get the alpha. Track top tokens like ATOM, OSMO, INJ, TIA & more.

Tracking your fav tokens is now way simpler! Meet Price Alerts on Leap 📈🔔

With Price Alerts, you can get instant notifications whenever your selected tokens hit a pre-set target.

Stay on top of the market

The markets move fast, the charts are always changing. But that does not mean you need to be glued to the screen. By setting price alerts, you can get instant notifications for the tokens that matter to you. Cut out the noise, get only the alpha.

With price alerts, you can trade instantly by tapping the notification. Swap, sell, or buy more when the price is right for you!

How it works

You can access Price Alerts from the Leap App.

  • Go to the sidenav, then tap price alerts.

  • Select the token.

  • Set target price.

  • Done! You'll now get notified whenever the price target is hit.

You can also disable or delete your existing alerts.

What's next?

Price Alerts are live on the Leap App. Update to the latest version to try it out.
Soon, we'll roll out support for more tokens & recurring alerts.

Stay tuned, a lot is in the works!