Modular money, for the masses

Celestia is a modular data availability (DA) network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their own blockchain.

Seamless staking for your $TIA

With in-wallet staking, you can quickly delegate $TIA to your favourite validators & start earning rewards. Also get eligible for airdrops by staking.

Swaps for $TIA

Need to fill up your bags? Swap any token from any Cosmos chain to $TIA on Celestia with just one tap!

Send to frens, receive just as easily

Move your $TIA around with simplified IBC transfers. Just enter addresses to send to any supported Cosmos chain.

Updates, on the go

Stay updated with all wallet activity through instant mobile notifications. Also receive updates for new airdrops, price movement, and more.

Intuitive UX, clean UI

We stress on the smallest details, so you can keep looking at the bigger picture.

We stress on the smallest details, so you can keep looking at the big

We stress on the smallest details, so you can keep looking at the big

Portfolio overview

All your assets, categorised neatly for a comprehensive overview of your portfolio.

Accurate price feed

Stay updated with the action. Token prices & portfolio values update in real time with decimal precision.

Your wallet, your style

Customise themes, set custom PFPs, & view values in the currency of your choice. Make your wallet truly yours.

Go ghost

Prevent shoulder surfing by hiding all dollar values & balances. Show off your assets, not your stacks!

Made for more

Keep one for your DeFi, one for NFTs, one for trading… Import, create, & manage as many wallets as you want.

Ledger Support

Keep your assets safer by accessing them only when you need to. Pair Ledger with Leap for secure interactions.

Conveniently safe

Stay in control, while we keep you secure. No compromises on safety, no tradeoffs on ease of use.

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