Introducing Elements
A front end SDK to one-click the interchain
Safe & Secure 🔒
Instant Notifics 🔔
On-the-go 🤳
Telegram support
Multiple Wallets Supported 🔥
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Elements is a frontend SDK that will supercharge
your dApp’s user experience!

Interchain Transfers
Move assets between different Cosmos chains, in just one click!
Cross-chain Swaps
Swapping assets on Ethereum, Polygon, etc for new assets on Cosmos
Fiat On-ramps
Convert fiat to Cosmos tokens of your choice, with support for 20 currencies.
IBC Swaps
Swap assets between Cosmos chains in one click.
Easy Integration
DApps can integrate Elements easily with just a few lines of code.
The Elements UI can be customised endlessly to match your dApp.

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