Portfolio Management

Add, remove, & manage chains

Manage all your chains with Leap

Leap natively supports 70+ interchain L1s. This means you can explore whichever chain you want to, whenever you want.

Switch between chains

You can switch between chains using the chain switcher, located on the top right. Just tap to pull up the Chain list, and select the chain you want to use.

Switch between mainnet & testnet

To switch between mainnet & testnet, open the side nav from the top left, and select Testnet from the Network selection option.

Add new chains

You can quickly add new chains to Leap using our in-wallet Chain Store. Open the Chain list, and search for the chain you want to add. Click on add chain & confirm to enable it in your wallet.

You can also add chains manually by entering all the details.

Disable & reorder chains

Scroll to the bottom of the chain list, click on manage chains, & you will be able to reorder & disable chains as you wish.