Onboarding & Setup

How to switch from Keplr to Leap?

Migrate from Keplr to Leap wallet in four easy steps

Importing your Keplr wallet into Leap is the easiest and safest way to start using your Cosmos tokens on Leap. You don’t need to manually transfer or unstake your staked assets when you switch to Leap, just import into Leap and pick up from where you left off.

To import your Keplr wallet into Leap, you can follow these steps:

Leap Wallet is available as browser extension (On Chrome, Brave & Edge) and Android and iOS apps. You can download our extension or mobile app through this link:

After you install & when you open the app or extension, you will be presented with 4 options. Select Keplr option under Import an existing wallet section.

Enter Secret recovery Seed Phrase that you would have saved someplace secure while creating your Keplr wallet

If you have used multiple accounts in Keplr, you can choose to import them here

Create a new password, and make sure you remember it!

Your Leap Wallet is ready