Onboarding & Setup

Import Keplr Wallet into Leap Wallet iOS/Android Mobile App

Importing your Keplr wallet into Leap is the easiest and safest way to start using your Cosmos tokens on Leap.

You don’t need to manually transfer or unstake your staked assets when you switch to Leap, just import into Leap and pick up from where you left off. And you can so this on your mobile phone too.

Yes, you can import your Keplr Wallet into the Leap iOS mobile app. You need to simply install the LEAP wallet iOS mobile app and use your secret recovery phrase. Here's how:

Download Leap mobile app from here:

Once you install and open the app, click on the “Import an existing wallet” option.

Open the app and click on the "Import Keplr" button.

Now, enter your Keplr Wallet seed phrase and click on Import Wallet. That’s it.

Welcome to Leap Wallet. You are now ready to explore the Cosmos Ecosystem with more than 55+ native chain integrations and permissionless dApp browser.