Locking & auto-locking

You can auto-lock your Leap extension for extra security

Before we even start, a word of caution. Your seed phrase is the only way to access your wallet. Anyone who has it can access your tokens, your NFTs, everything inside that wallet. Make sure you keep it safe.

Remember, Leap support will never ask for your seed phrase.

Worried about someone using your laptop and getting access to an unlocked wallet? You can easily lock your wallet & set up an auto-lock timer.

Lock your wallet

Click on the hamburger menu, & tap lock wallet to lock your wallet. You can access it again using your password.

Setting up auto-lock

You can set up an auto-lock timer to lock your wallet after a fixed time of no activity. Click on the hamburger menu, go to Security, and select the auto-lock timer duration. (Custom time limits are coming soon)