Manage connected apps

You can view & revoke access from connected apps

You can view & manage all your connected apps & permissions with Leap.

Manage permissions on extension

Click on the hamburger menu, & scroll down to security. In the security section, click 'Connected sites' to see which apps you're connected to. Here, you can disconnect your wallet too.

Manage permissions on mobile

If you've connected to an app using the in-wallet dApp browser, you can rest easy. dApp permissions are refreshed whenever you close the dApp browser.

You can manage apps you've connected to through the mobile wallet connect options. Click on the 'Scan' button located on the Home Tab located beside “Swap” button. Now, click on 'Show Connected Sites'. Here, you can manage permissions as you wish to.

Currently, you can only see connected sites for the selected chain. This means you have to manually switch chains to view connections. We're working to improve this & let you manage all connected sites across chains from one place.