Manage your seed phrase & private key

Learn more about your seed phrase

Before we even start, a word of caution. Your seed phrase is the only way to access your wallet. Anyone who has it can access your tokens, your NFTs, everything inside that wallet. Make sure you keep it safe.

Remember, Leap support will never ask for your seed phrase.

Seed Phrase / Recovery Phrase & Private Key, what's the difference?

Recovery Phrase: A recovery phrase is a series of words used to access and restore a cryptocurrency wallet with numerous private keys. It is also called seed phrase.

Private Key: A private key is a long string of digits that gives its owner access to cryptocurrency on a specific blockchain address.

The private keys of a wallet are derived from the recovery phrase. So having access to the recovery phrase will give you access to all the private keys of the wallet.

Exporting recovery phrase / private key on Leap

You can export your seed phrase / private key securely with Leap. Make sure you do this in a safe environment, with no one peeking over your shoulder.

Tap the sidenav. Scroll down to 'Show recovery phrase'. Tap & confirm your password to view your recovery phrase. You can also view your private key in a similar way.