Nov 9, 2023

Purchase USK and mint Manta Squad NFT using Leap Mobile Wallet

How does Leap Wallet Work?

Leap Wallet is currently available as a browser extension and mobile app (iOS and Android) that allows you to manage your assets on Kujira securely and efficiently and connect with all the dApps on Kujira. To get started, download the the Leap Wallet app for Android & iOS.

This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to to purchase USK for Manta Squad NFT mint using Leap Mobile Wallet.

Swap Kuji to USK on BLUE using Leap Wallet Mobile App

Here’s a video of a step-by-step guide on how to purchase USK on BLUE dApp using the Leap Wallet mobile app.

Search BLUE on Leap Mobile app browser

3. Search "BLUE" in the search bar. BLUE will appear in the list. You can also bookmark the dApp for future use and to avoid visiting the wrong website links.

4. Click on "Connect Wallet" and select Leap Wallet from the list.

5. Approve the connection request by clicking on "Connect" button.

Connect Leap Wallet on Blue

6. Click on the Swap button, third from the left, from the nav bar on the top.

7. Enter swap tokens and the respective amount you want to swap - KUJI and USK.

Adding swap details on Blue

8. Click on "Instant Swap" and approve the transaction.

Approve transaction on Blue to swap

That's it. Congrats 🥳, you have now got USK in your Kujira wallet accessible on Leap Mobile app.

Swap successful on Blue

Transferring USK from Kujira address to Stargaze address on BLUE using Leap Wallet Mobile App

Here’s a video of a step-by-step guide on how to send USK to Stargaze from BLUE dApp using the Leap Wallet mobile app.

Intiate IBC transfer using Blue dApp on Leap mobile app

4. Click on "Initiate IBC Transfer" and approve the transaction request.

IBC transfer from Kujira to Stargaze using Blue

Congrats! You have transferred USK to your Stargaze Wallet on your Leap Wallet mobile app. You are now ready to mint your favourite Manta Squad on Stargaze marketplace on 10 November, 2023.

Successful IBC transfer from Kujira to Stargaze

Introduction to Leap Wallet

Leap is an advanced 'super wallet' for the Cosmos ecosystem, with the goal of providing a top-notch user experience tailored for Cosmos users. Available as mobile apps for iOS and Android and as a browser extension, Leap allows you to explore Osmosis and over 50 other Cosmos ecosystem chains. Users can transfer and exchange assets between wallets, earn staking rewards, participate in governance, transfer assets over IBC, manage NFTs, and much more, all from within the wallet app.

Introduction to Kujira

Kujira is a decentralized ecosystem revolutionizing payment infrastructure and providing sustainable FinTech solutions to protocols, builders, and web 3 users. An innovation hub of revenue-generating products with great user experience that allow retail investors to access opportunities previously only available to the wealthy and elite.

More about Kujira eccosystem here.

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